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  • Four exercises in one machine – Decline Bench Press, Flat Bench Press, Incline Bench Press as well as Shoulder Press.
  • Simple adjustments make this machine easy to use.
  • 2” x 4” flat oval tubing, ¼” dia. 4000 pound cable and 4 ½” pulleys for rugged durability.


  • Steel shrouds powder coated and clear coated for a mar resistant lustrous finish.
  • Standard 200 lb. tiered weight stack is upgradeable in 50 lb.increments to 300 lbs.

41.75"(W) x 67.75"(L) x 81.25"(H)

106cm x 172cm x 206cm

411 lbs. (187kg)

Weight stack 200 lbs. (91kg)

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